Fotograaf Volendam, a household name since years

The very first photo store, 1904

A visit to Volendam is, of course, only complete with a photo in the traditional Volendam attire. Fotograaf Volendam understands this. Full of passion for Volendam and its traditions, we make the best photos together with you. A unique and personal memento; an unforgettable memory. Our photo studios are on the very same spot as the oldest photo store, dating from 1904. That is why Fotograaf Volendam really revives the authentic Volendam.

Our team makes photos full of passion and fun

Our experienced photographers make, besides your personal photo, an unforgettable memory too. Our team works in a pleasant environment, and the taking of photos is an experience. Taking photos has never been this much fun! Moreover, our certified photographers guarantee a high quality. Are you going to pay us a visit?

Authentic photos, modern facilities

Fotograaf Volendam has all the facilities for your ideal photoshoot. For starters, we are centrally located, in the middle of the levee of Volendam. Thanks to our wheelchair accessible studios and the nearby parking spot, you can always visit us. Inside, we offer comfort with a cooling air-conditioning and public Wi-Fi. Complete your day out in Volendam with our advantageous arrangements. Fotograaf Volendam has everything for your ideal experience.

Traditional attire photography, a century old tradition

Volendam is a beautiful fishing village with typical small houses, canals, and draw bridges. No wonder people are coming from afar to capture this image. The origin of the legendary Volendam picture can be traced back to the 18th century.

Even back then people were inspired by Volendam, its residents, and the traditional attire. From 1900 onwards, a large influx of painters came to Volendam to capture this scenic fishing village. Back then, the authentic image was captured by painters, but now the best photos are made by the funniest and friendliest photographers of Fotograaf Volendam. A century old tradition transferred to a modern experience!

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