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of service.

Are you alone or with your partner, best friend or family. Everything is possible at Photographer Volendam in our authentic studios. Large groups no problem everything is always possible in consultation. Our photographers are trained to make the most beautiful photos for you. They have the right insight to put you in the right place. Wheelchair friendly because we are completely ground floor, and here we can always guide you. 


Have your little friend's picture taken? That is also possible with us. We ensure that your pet is as beautiful as possible. Also choice from our three studios. 

Photo frame

Afterwards, you can also put your beautiful souvenr in a nice photo frame. We cut it to size so the photo will fit perfectly. 

QR Code

We are one of the few on our levee, offering all of our photos on a QR card. This way you can download them all for free afterwards. 

Pricing Overview

Amount / Photos
1 person

 2 Small or 1 Big  


2 people

 2 Small or 1 Big  


3 or 4 people

 2 Small or 1 Big  

 €10.00,- PP

5 or 6 people

 3 Small or 2 Big       

 € 8,50PP

7 or 8 people

  4 Small or 2 Big 

 € 8,50PP

9 or 10 people

 2 Big & 1 Small or 5 Small

 € 8,50PP

11 or 12 people

2 Big & 2 Small or 6 Small

 € 8,50PP

12 or more

on request

 € 8,50PP

Additional Products:  Photo Small (€2,50,-) / Photo Big (€5,-)